It was my pleasure to employ the services of Lori Watson to assist with the move of my Mother-in-Law, Ann in Carmel.  Lori packed Ann's belongings carefully, consulting with Ann when needed. She did not impose her opinions, yet gave good suggestions where appropriate.  Her demeanor was quiet and kind. Lori unpacked the boxes  and set up the apartment so that Ann could  move in without having to do anything.  Having Lori's expertise was a great help to our family at this time. Her ability to quickly step in and reassure the family made the whole process much easier for everyone involved.  Lori's compassion, coupled with her professionalism was invaluable.  I would highly recommend Lori for any job involving working with seniors.

T.L.  Professional Organizer and NAPO member Washington D.C.


Angies List Report submitted by T.C.  Carmel, IN

Overall-  A      Price- A            Quality- A           Responsiveness- A            Punctuality- A                 Professionalism -A

The process worked in an extremely easy, quick manner. Lori accessed the situation and the goal of what I needed to accomplish and worked out a process to get it all completed with the least amount of hassle that is usually involved in a project of this magnitude. Coupled with her expertise in organizational management and senior moving, she has a process that works beautifully.  I would recommend her services to anyone - especially those looking to downsize with the intention of relocating to senior retirement living. I got more than my money's worth. Very nice person to work with.


My wife and I used our finished basement for our home offices and... we used the space very inefficiently and ineffectively. We had boxes everywhere so we couldn't find the things we needed, and we kept many things we didn't. We knew that we needed more storage. We also wanted a family entertainment/play area for our daughter.  We needed to make items accessible and to partition our basement into functional spaces, but we weren't sure how to implement this in a sensible way.  This is where Lori's talents were indispensable.

Lori worked tirelessly to help us design and partition our spaces...giving us the flexible storage we needed. She personally helped me sort through my stuff with a logical methodology that helped me decide on what to keep, what to eBay and what to throw away.

Lori was there for me as much as I needed.  She even helped me to assemble shelving and recycle cardboard shipping boxes.  Our basement now feels so much better and is quite welcoming and useful to us on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Lori Watson and her organizational talents.

T.P. Carmel, IN


I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to say here's what needs to be done and you just did and AND you did things I didn't even KNOW needed to be done AND you were great at it!!  I look forward to working with you more... in the VERY near future!  Again, thank you SO much!

L. B.  Indianapolis


From a Senior Move Management client:  "I couldn't have done it without you."  "What a joy to know you."

M.H.  Carmel, IN


From a Senior Move Management client:  "I am very,very pleased with Lori's services.  She took care of everything for me."

B.P. Indianapolis, IN


Lori Watson with Anyone & Everything Organized, donated her organizing expertise to one of our clients with Homes with a Hug, Inc.  Lori volunteered her time to help a mother sick with cancer and her 3 children.  This family's home was in complete disarray with items in every corner of the house.  Lori helped by organizing and sorting their belongings. She also coached the family on how to maintain their "new" home.  Lori is a caring and compassionate individual who is an expert in her field.  She did a fantastic job with our project and I would highly recommend her services.

C. H. Executive Chair  Homes with a Hug, Inc.


I met Lori at an event in which we were both vendors.  She purchased MY product (a book) and began sending me tips for promoting MY business and for getting and staying more organized.  One of her e-mail tips helped our family identify a source of income we were not aware existed, netting us over $2500! I needed to get on all the social networking sites for my book but was greatly intimidated by the process.  I am NOT computer savvy.  Lori took time walking me through the process..  She was VERY patient and make the entire process FUN which I had NOT expected.  She was also punctual which I greatly appreciate. Lori has a vast knowledge of organizing ALL areas of one's life!  I would recommend her without hesitation.  Her professionalism is exemplary!

S.B.  Indpls, IN