Frequently Asked Questions 




Q.  How do I know if I need a Professional Organizer or a move manager?

A.  If disorganization is causing you frustration in your life or keeping you from attaining your goals then a Professional Organizer can help. A Professional Organizer helps people of all ages not only with their possessions but also with time management, budget management and much more.  We can help you organize your home, home office, work office or small business. Critical times for hiring a Professional Organizer are when you are preparing your home for a real estate sale, remodeling, preparing for a new baby or blended family.  A move manager helps seniors and their loved ones when a senior must transition from their home to a retirement community, assisted living or skilled nursing facility.  A move manager can help the senior with  downsizing, floor planning, packing, moving, and unpacking in the new home.

Q.  I am very embarrassed by my disorganization and don't want people to know that I have asked for help.  Will people know that I have asked for help?

A.  Client confidentiality is strictly maintained by Anyone & Everything Organized, LLC.  Your information will never be shared without your knowledge or permission.   Anyone & Everything Organized, LLC vehicles do not have logos or signs about organizing or company contact information.  Your privacy is very important to us and will be protected wherever possible.

Q.  How much will it cost to hire a Professional Organizer or move manager?

A.  Every individual's situation is unique. With Anyone & Everything Organized, you will have a consultation in your home or office where you need assistance.  This consultation is at no cost or obligation.  The consultation provides the opportunity for us to meet and for you to discuss or show the areas where you need  assistance.  At the time of the consultation you will be given an estimation of the time it will take to complete the project and the approximate cost.


Q. I have a family member that I think has a serious problem keeping too much stuff and I want them to get help now. Can you help us?

A. Many people are content with their home as it is and may resist accepting help even if family members or friends feel their home is too "cluttered".  Unless their home is a health or safety hazard to themselves, other family members or the general public then you cannot force them to accept help.  A Professional Organizer may be able to show a  your loved one how letting go of some of their possessions will actually improve their relationships and their quality of life.  In severe cases, where health and safety hazards exist, even the most well meaning family members often lack the skills, patience and resources to effectively help their loved one.  A Professional Organizer can assist you to determine the best resources available in your community to help your loved one.


Q.  Sometimes on television shows featuring an organizer, the person is pressured to throw away or sell their possessions.  Will I be forced to do that too?

A.  No. While throwing possessions away is the fastest way to "declutter" or downsize it is rarely the best way.  You will never be forced to throw away your possessions but instead will be guided to make the best decision possible for any item you choose not to keep or give to a family member or a friend.  For those items you wish to sell, several options will be offered.  Charities are always in need of items and we can connect you with a charity that needs those items you no longer want.  For items that cannot be recycled, items will be disposed of in a manner that will not harm the environment.  In every instance we will take every precaution to protect you from identity theft by making sure your personal identifying information is protected.